Our expertise in supplying and producing the most indispensable industrial minerals.
It can be said clay minerals are the most useful minerals. These minerals are so much in our everyday lives that their importance could not be ignored. For this reason, we started our work with these minerals. Currently, we are the owner of several active mines in the provinces of Isfahan, Khorasan, Yazd, Zanjan and Qazvin which some part of their production is consumed inside Iran, and a large part is also exported to other countries.
Supplying & Sourcing
We are specialized in supplying and sourcing different oil commodities from Iran, Russia, CIS countries and Iraq based on our customer needs
Distribution & Logistics
Our distribution and logistic partners are strong players in the region, known for their efficient and far-reaching network.
Storage & Warehousing
Over the five years, RKP Company has built a strong reputation for providing storage services to both our suppliers as well as our clients.
Rakhshan Kani Pooyan has the ability to perform chemical analyzes for all minerals.
We carry out analytical and laboratory analyzes for the production and production of a uniform mineral and physical and chemical quality product in the mine as well as in the field of loading of the products of field analysis. We are very sensitive to the quality of our products. Because we believe that if any quality raw materials are used, then that industry can win the global market, and this is what will continue our work.
We are connected with the most reliable laboratories in the country and we will get help from them if necessary.
To prove this, we always work with SGS to make our client be sure about what they are purchase.
The technical staff of Rakhshan Kani Pouyan can best describe any mineral with any analysis
As you know, any mineral in any part of the earth has special features due to geological conditions and geochemistry. This variation is so far that even in a mine, you can see a kind of mineral that has a wide range of finishes. These changes in mineral properties can be due to the small differences in the amount of the constituent elements.
With the knowledge of the mineral properties, it can be measured in the first place, the economics of mineral, and in the second place, the best place to use it, and in the third place, the economic planning of the project.
Technical department of Rakhshan Kani Pouyan is under the supervision of Dr. Mahnaz Khademi Parsa, who has a history of teaching at Shahid Beheshti University in the country.
We will guide you what kind of mineral you need for each industry clearly.